Mag-XL (Probe)


The Mag-XL range of flexible magnetostrictive probes provide a practical and cost effective solution for accurately monitoring above ground fuel storage tanks. Used together with any of the world-leading TLS Tank Gauge Consoles, all wet stock management and inventory control requirements can be automated, allowing efficient management both locally on site and at remote central office locations.
Mag-XL systems offer a high level of accuracy and functionality at an affordable price. They are ideal for fuel distribution depots, marine terminals, aviation fuelling installations and many other facilities where fuels are stored in bulk.

The Mag-XL is immune from the problems that other popular technologies can experience; it can reliably measure low dielectric petroleum products and reliably determine the product / water interface.

* Digital magnetostrictive measurement technology
* Consistently accurate fuel level monitoring
* Temperature compensated volumes
* Automatic delivery detection
* User programmable in-tank alarms
* Water detection option
* Multi-point fuel temperature sensing
* Flexible, lightweight construction for easy installation and transportation
* Proven quality and reliability from Veeder-Root, the market leader in fuel level measurement systems
* Simple to install and no stilling well or crane hire
* Low cost transportation
* Just one tank entry required for Level, Temperature & Water measurement, no need for additional sensor entry points
* Avoids the Health and Safety risk associated with climbing tall tanks to manually dip
* One monitoring systems for above and below ground tanks
* Serial connectivity to other on-site devices for improved data management
* Volt-free relay outputs allow control of external overfill alarms or other devices

Name Mag-XL
Code Mag-XL
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