Mag Plus (Probe)


Accurate and repeatable height & temperature data

Consistently accurate data provides the foundation for reliable inventory information, removing uncertainties from wet stock data to allow confident, doubt free stock control and data analysis.

Automate monitoring of a wide range of fuels

Integrate all forecourt products including LPG and biofuels into the same monitoring system as traditional fuels for convenience and time saving.

Virtually maintenance free

Highly reliable, prolonged life and no routine maintenance means minimal downtime and reduced TCO.

Third party certified for precision tank testing

Certified to international standards; US EPA 0.76 LPH and 0,2 GPH for assured, cost free tank testing.

Key & Benefit

Continuous level monitoring

Real time response to tank level changes, accurate delivery reports, no more manual dipping.

Water detection

Detect water before it is dispensed, prevent damage to STP.

Multipoint temperature measurement

Temperature compensated volumes, easier analysis of delivery / temperature variances.

Compact size

Install in limited headroom applications in tank entries as small as 1".

In-tank leak detection

Allows third-party certified tank testing to 0.2 GPH or 0.76 LPH precision, without additional cost, at any time.

LPG monitoring

Integrate LPG tanks to central monitoring system for convenience.

Special installation kits

Isolate probe in LPG or aggressive substances for easy installation and maintenance.

TLS-RF compatible

Inventory management and reconciliation, certified tank testing or leak sensor monitoring, without the disruption caused by breaking up the site to install cable ducting.

Name Mag Plus Probes
Code Mag Plus Probes
Trademark The Veeder Root
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Being appointed as the sole distributor of well known brands of petroleum equipment and automotive product such as Gilbarco Veeder Root-Red Jacket, OPW Fueling Components, Pisces Flexible Piping, Tuthill - Flow Meter, FAIP, HPA, RAASM and many more, we proved that dream has become more than just a dream but reality.

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