Legacy JHB800


Sometimes making things better means making them simpler. And that’s what the Gilbarco Legacy® series is all about. We called upon our 20 years of experience with Highline models. Then we added the time-proven technologies of our most recent successful product line, The Advantage® series. And the Legacy series was born. It’s a legacy you could only expect from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of service station equipment, Gilbarco.

Innovative On The Inside

We designed Legacy Electronic pumps and dispensers for highly reliable service and a lower cost of ownership for you. We simplified and standardized the hydraulics. And we improved service access. So you’ll benefit from easier, faster service and shorter service downtime. We reduced the number of hydraulic connections by half so there are fewer potential leak points. It all adds up to greater reliability and lower cost for you.

Familiar On The Outside

If you’re adding to an existing site, you’ll find the Legacy Electronic pumps and dispensers maintain a similar image to Gilbarco Highline™ equipment. For new sites, you’ll find the 27" frame for both single and dual pumps and dispensers offers uniformity at your islands.

Quality That Counts

Legacy Electronic pumps and dispensers feature electronics and computing systems specifically designed for retail fuel sales. They offer two-way communication with Gilbarco's Transac® System 1000™ pump controller, TCR™-G/2 cash register/pump controller, and the G-SITE™ fully integrated site management system. You can collect sales data, maintain declining balance inventories, and program pumps from these systems.

Fast Fueling

Legacy Electronic models are available with standard flow (13 gpm*/50 lpm*) or high flow (22 gpm*/85 lpm*). In addition to the Legacy series, Gilbarco’s Ultra-Hi electronic dispensers provide a higher flow rate (39 gpm*/150 lpm*). For fueling of saddle-tank trucks, an Ultra-Hi flow master/satellite configuration is available with a combined flow rate of 57 gpm*/220 lpm*. Tanks can be filled  simultaneously or one at a time, depending on your local regulations. Satellite dispensers are available in single-hose and dual-hose models.

Standard Features

Legacy Electronic units feature our latest advanced electronics. Liquid crystal displays (black characters on an orange field) are easy to read. Painted lower doors, electromechanical totalizers, and our patented “fail safe” solid state pulsers are also standard items. Standard units include hoses –– 12' x 5/8" for standard flow rate units, 12' x 1" for high flow rate units.

Name Legacy JHB800
Code Legacy JHB800
Trademark Gilbarco Veeder Root
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