In today's environment, dispensing fuel isn't enough. That's why Gilbarco  is redefining the forecourt with the Encore that dispenses more of what matters in your world. Available in full color, it offers up the brand image, high-margin promotions, and value-added features that keep customers coming back.

It’s more than just the newest technology. It’s the right technology to make your forecourt work harder and deliver higher margins, increased loyalty, and smoother operation — today and in the years to come.


* Applause Media System  makes the most of your forecourt with full-color video, graphics, and audio to increase sales.    
* Unmatched environmental choices gives you peace of mind and sets you apart from the competition.
* Advanced security and payment options protect your investment and secure your customers’ payment information.New payment options build better customer relationships and increase average ticket size.
* Superior design and durability better represents your brand, offering lower cost of ownership and the smartest investment over the long term.

Name Encore
Code Encore
Trademark The Veeder Root