Advantage Plus 4H2P2D

advantage-plus-4h2p2d advantage-plus-4h2p2d.1

Hanindo brings convenience and automation to service stations with the Gilbarco Advantage series of gasoline pumps and dispensers. Flexibility is the key to the success of the Advantage series, and the options on this family of dispensers suit virtually any station need.  All of the Gilbarco Advantage MPD units are available as dispensers and some are available as pumps.  All units have the following standard features.

Standard Features

* Flexible, serviceable modular design
* "Refrigerator" type doors to provide easy access to electronics cabinet
* Extensive area for graphics and instructions
* PPU display in main display and above each nozzle boot
* Highly readable positive image Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD's)
* Electronic totalization
* Easy upgrade to CRIND™, TRIND™ and Cash Acceptor
* Modular electronics
* Battery backup

Name Advantage Plus 4H2P2D
Code Advantage Plus 4H2P2D
Trademark The Veeder Root