TLS-450 (Console)


Compliance Requirements Have Changed

Compliance costs are rising due to more frequent inspectors and new mandatory operator training.  Today, proving compliance is a manual, paper-driven process, which is costly and can lead to errors.  Operators have experienced fines and shutdowns due to lost, missing, or incomplete compliance reports.  As a result, there is now a need for more comprehensive on-site compliance reporting.

Automated Compliance Management

The Automated Compliance Management features of the TLS-450 help gas station owners maximize uptime, reduce fines, and cut costs.  With the TLS-450, proving compliance is an automated process and reports are electronic, which makes compliance reporting more efficient and accurate.  The reports are available at the touch of a button and are inspector-ready.  The TLS-450 also allows station owners to store up to three years of compliance history, providing the most comprehensive reports possible.

Automated Site Management

Station owners can access the TLS-450 console and its data 24/7 via any Web browser on their PC.  With the TLS-450 Direct Access Software™ on a PC, operators can securely control and modify configuration upgrades and diagnostics using the same user interface locally and remotely.  Contractors can also diagnose alarms remotely, which reduces inefficient service costs.   With the TLS-450, station owners have visibility to their inventory at all times which helps avoid running out of fuel.

Name TLS-450
Code TLS-450
Trademark The Veeder Root