TLS-350R (Console)


Veeder-Root's TLS-350R Monitoring System adds value to automatic tank gauging with a highly advanced, automatic inventory management capability - Business Inventory Reconciliation. This fully integrated system automatically collects dispensing data, in-tank inventories and deliveries, and reconciles the totals at the end of each shift, day or period into a comprehensive reconciliation report to meet federal, state, and local requirements. It also interfaces directly with electronic or mechanical dispensers to automatically access metered sales information. The TLS-350R is available with CSLD for 24-hour leak detection without tank shut down.

The TLS-350R uses AccuChart, Veeder-Root's patented tank calibration algorithm, to minimize errors due to dynamics, such as tank tilt, deflection and end shape, to create an optimal tank chart for each tank in the system. The automatic calibration process, which typically takes one month, is conducted through the typical operating levels in the tank as fuel is dispensed. Once enough valid data has been analyzed, the tank calibration is complete. An updated tank chart can be retrieved from the TLS-350R through an RS-232 interface using a computer.

Automatic Tank-To-Meter Mapping, which typically takes up to 2 days, eliminates the possibility that product being dispensed through the meter is reconciled against the wrong product. When dispensing begins, the TLS-350R recognizes a reduction in in-tank inventory and is alerted through a Dispenser Interface Module (DIM) that a specific meter is running. When the metered volume data equals an inventory reduction, the mapping feature matches that meter and tank.

The TLS-350R is available with an integral printer or can be interfaced with a remote printer. The system can be programmed to generate reports at the end of a shift, day, or period. Periodic reports are programmable to cover up to a 35-day cycle and can print in either column (summary) or row (line item) formats.

An adjusted delivery report makes sure you get what you pay for. When a bulk delivery is made, the TLS-350R measures the amount of any fuel dispensed during the delivery and the system provides a report showing the volume increase, the amount of fuel dispensed during the delivery, and the actual delivery amount.

The TLS-350R automatically calculates periodic variance thresholds based on the U.S. E.P.A. requirement of +/- (1% of monthly throughput +130 gallons) and includes them on the Periodic Reconciliation Report. The variance threshold is programmable so it can be set to local regulations if necessary.


* Automatic Business Inventory Reconciliation
* AccuChartTM Automatic Tank Calibration
* Automatic Tank-To-Meter Mapping
* 0.1 GPH and 0.2 GPH In-Tank Leak Detection with Magnetostrictive Probes
* Electronic Line Leak Detection Capabilities
* Inventory Monitoring and Reporting
* Interstitial/Sump Leak Sensing Capabilities
* Vapor Well Monitoring Capability
* Groundwater Monitoring Capability
* Input/Output Capability
* Sump and Dispenser Monitoring Capabiliteis
* RS-232 Data Communications
* Internal Modem
* Auto-Dial Fax (SiteFax)
* Optional Integral Printer or Remote Printer Interface
* Emergency generator applications selectable via programming
* One system handles mix of standard and emergency generator tanks
* Records generator activity
* Complete inventory reports before and after generator operation
* Audible and Visual Alarm Capabilities
* Monitors up to 12 tanks
* Maximum Tank Capacity: 15,000 Gallons; 37,000 gallons with CSLD software enhancement
* Leak Testing and Reconciliation for Manifolded Tanks

Standard Models
Console Form Number: 848290-102
Description: TLS-350R Console without Integral Printer

Console Form Number: 848290-122
Description: TLS-350R Console with Integral Printer

Console Form Number: 330532-001
Description: Memory Expansion Module (required to support BIR for manifolded tanks only)

TLS-350R Interface Modules
The TLS-350R monitoring console contains three compartments in which individual interface modules can be installed. Interface modules may be factory-installed in the console upon initial ordering, or ordered separately as spare modules to expand an existing system.

Name TLS-350R
Code TLS-350R
Trademark The Veeder Root
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