Wheel Balancer B 325


Perfect for service stations and garages.

Computerized wheel balancer with LCD monitor, compact and essential, with a double spinning button allowing the machine to be used without wheel guard in EEC area.

Main features

Adjustable LCD colour video (optional) - with new high-resolution graphics and simplified user interface.

Electronic input of wheel diameter and distance with positioning ofadhesive weights at 3-6-12 o’clock, settable by the user.

Automatic brake to stop the wheel at the end of the spin.

Automatic Position Search (RPA: automatic wheel positioning in the point where the balancing weight has to be applied) and electrical positioning brake.

Thanks to the wide space between body and flange, the inner part of the wheel is easily accessible for cleaning and weight positioning (optional ALU weight holder clip).

Low rotation speed and double spinning button, allowing the machine to be used without wheel guard in EEC area.

Model is available with automatic spin by pushing down wheel guard (B 325 A).

Automatic wheel clamping at the end of the spin.

Wheel support shaft locking brake.

Side flange holder cabinet.

Weight holder cabinet.

Unbalance value detection precision: 1 gram (1/10 oz.).

Unbalance display in grams or ounces.

Unbalance display rounding setting.

Types of balancing available:

Alu / Alu P
Motorcycle dynamic
Motorcycle Alu

OPT programs to reduce road noise by optimizing rim/tyre match

General utility programs:

Self diagnostics

Name Wheel Balancer B 325
Code B325
Trademark HPA - FAIP
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