ITC 3100 & DUC 3110



Test unit for diagnostic, static and dynamic, injector checking, for petrol engines. It comes with the Standard Injector Rail which covers 90% of the cars.


Ultrasonic injector cleaning unit.

The injectors under test are mounted onto the ITC-3100 by means of the Standard Injector Rail. This device was specifically designed to fit most of existing Top Feed unit.

Clear and simple messages on the ITC-3100’s display guide the operator through the 3 available Test Modes:

DIAGNOSTIC: predefined sequence of functional tests which allows for a complete check of the status of injectors.
MANUAL: the operator can individually select each test phase, and set the control parameters.
CUSTOM: it is possible to define and store up to 5 custom test sets.
The flow tubes are individually calibrated for maximum accuracy. The integrated, high efficiency, white leds bar allows for continuous spray pattern check.

ITC-3100’s Special Functions

AUTOTUNE: it allows to trim the test parameters so that maximum resolution is obtained, thus optimizing test results and preventing the flow tubes from being overfilled during the flow test.
INJECTOR AUTODETECTION: the ITC-3100 automatically detects the type of injectors (saturated, peak & hold, etc.)
ASSISTED TEST FLUID SERVICE: the procedure to empty and fill ITC-3100 from/with the test fluids is completely guided by a specific function.

Cleaning Phase

DUC-3110 allows for high efficiency cleaning of injectors, thanks to its high frequency generator unit and the cleaning fluid adjustable heating control system. During this cycle, the injectors are driven by the ITC-3100, with a sequence specifically designed to further improve the cleaning efficiency. Test and cleaning fluids are designed and developed in order to allow for maximum compatibility with rubber, plastic, and metal parts of the injectors.

ITC-3100 & DUC-3110 Plus Features

- Innovative design and compact structure.
- Separated ultrasound unit - allows for cleaning of injectors as well as other mechanical parts.
- Software program to determine the nominal injector’s flow rate, to get maximum resolution and to trim the test parameters based on the actual functional characteristics of the injectors.
- Integrated diagnostic and testing software, which guides the operator through all phases of the analysis of injectors’ behaviour.
- Integrated, high efficiency, white LED bar pattern for checking of the injector’s spray pattern.
- Automatic detection of injector type and self-adjusted injectors’ drive.
- Nearly complete coverage of current petrol car market (equipped with EFI - in Europe starting with EURO l)
- Testing and cleaning fluids specifically developed for petrol and gas injectors and compatible withrubber and plastic parts of the injectors.
- Software update possible with a link to a PC.
- CE marked product.

Technical Feature

Injectors Tester and Cleaner for petrol engines, for TB1 (Monopoint) - MPFl (Multipoint) - FSI/GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) - LPGCNG (Gas injection)

ITC-3100 Test Unit:

Automatic Injector Type Detection
Operator Interface with membrane keyboard and alphanumeric 20x4 LCD
Hydraulic circuit pressure adjustable from 0 to 6 bar
Assisted hydraulic circuit emptying and filling procedure
Power supply: 85264VAC / 47-63Hz
Power Consumption: 200W
Weight: 18 Kg
Dimensions: 370x500x500 mm (WxHxL)

DUC-3110 Cleaning Unit:

Ultrasound frequency: 40 kHz
Ultrasound power: 50W
Cleaning bath capacity: 2 L, heated (temperature adjustable up to 70°C)
0-30 min Timer
Power supply 230Vac - 50Hz
Weight 2.5 Kg
Dimensions: 175x220x165m m (WxHxL)

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