Clima-8500 EVO


Innovative design and simplicity in its use for this great compact Clima station with top-level performances.

CLIMA-8500 EVO is the ideal tool for those who want to obtain the best results without complicating life too much.
Its essential design has been developed in order to enable an optimum parameter reading of the device’s functioning and to facilitate the work of those that operate it.

Equipped with visible manometers and electronictaps, the user interface of CLIMA-8500 EVO is thus rendered extremely familiar and intuitive.
The ideal tool for vehicles’ A/C system professional technicians.


CLIMA-8500 EVO is equipped with the most complete database in the market, AUTODATA.
With unlimited expiry date, the Databank enables the device the automatic use of specific recharge parameters of the vehicle under maintenance.
This way, all phases of the programmed intervention are optimised, ensuring a top-level performance.
The Database can be updated anytime, simply by enabling the optional UPGRADING, by means of Brain Bee CLIMA SOLUTION.
Moreover, with CLIMA-8500 EVO it is possible to memorise up until 100 additional different customised configurations (CUSTOM CYCLE


The compactness of CLIMA-8500 EVO facilitates any type of intervention or handling in garages.
Thanks to the wheel system, specifically designed to guarantee rotation of the device’s axle and the side handles, CLIMA-8500 EVO may be easily handled and positioned even in situations where space is limited.


Accurate design of CLIMA-8500 EVO has taken account of all internal elements subject to the device’s ordinary maintenance, by optimising their positioning so as to facilitate access to them for their replacement.
Recharge hoses have also been equipped with external quick couplings so as to avoid opening the tool in case of replacement.


The integrated printer enables the emission of a document acknowledging the successful results of the operations.
It can be customised by inserting records of the garage performing the intervention.


- MULTIPASS enables an additional closed-circuit filtering of the recovered cooling liquid
- OIL CARE FUNCTION a protection system that prevents humidity from entering the oil container, in order to preserve the PAG oil’s purity until it is completely used.
- NON-CONDENSING VENT VALVE non condensable gases discharge with manually-operated solenoid valve, it enables the eventual
discharge of air by accelerating the recovery phase, thus guaranteeing higher purity of the refrigerant present in the vessel
- HYBRID FUNCTION thanks to this “reset” function, residual PAG oil within the machine can be completely replaced, with a view to managing
changeover from maintenance of traditional engine vehicles to maintenance of hybrid vehicles.
- FLUSHING with integrated solenoid valve

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